About us

Invigia is a new name for an established group of companies. Each of them excels at what it does:

Charter UK enables major organisations to manage their relationships with customers and clients, handling their complaints and feedback. Its market-leading software suite, Charter Continuum, works right across departments and even across entire enterprises, plugging seamlessly into their existing management information systems. A host of well-known blue-chip businesses rely upon it every day to gain and act upon the insight it gives them into their customers.

Charter Systems enables organisations to conduct and manage source and covert surveillance activities, and to ensure that everything they do complies with the law. The police, other law enforcement agencies and other public bodies all rely upon it in this most sensitive of areas. The software the company offers is robust, comprehensive and sophisticated. Not surprising, really, considering it was developed with close and continuing consultation with police forces across the country.

mycustomerfeedback.com gives smaller businesses the opportunity to handle customer complaints and feedback to a level that was previously was beyond their reach – by furnishing them with a sophisticated online service. All kinds of organisations, in just about every sector imaginable, rely upon the support it gives them, and have seen their reputations – and their businesses – benefit from the results.

Each of our group companies puts the needs of its customers first, so that each of them can in turn focus on business at the sharp end – the proper handling of their relationships with the public.

Invigia; Market-leading technology that helps organisations uphold their reputations, safeguard their prosperity, and work with and for the people they serve.